Hello, I’m Abi, owner of Abigail Paige Photography LLC and I would love to be your photographer for all of your professional photography needs.

My true passion is maternity, birth, and newborn. However, I do love capturing every special moment that presents itself.

Why did I get into photography you might ask? 

I always kind of “dabbled”  in photography, even at a young age.  My mom was the most amazing reporter/photographer I know. So pictures have always been a big part of my life. I remember getting up and tagging along before the sunrise to catch the next story/shot. Some of my favorite memories as a kid. I guess you could say I really took a interest after I had kids. My house burnt down when I was 15 and out of all of our belongings the only possessions we could not replace were our family and baby photographs. After I had children I told myself, I would try to capture as many moments as I could so they would have something to look back on. My passion for documenting my children and our life quickly turned into more than a hobby. THIS is what I was meant to do. I started taking classes, workshops, found mentors and crave learning more everyday.

I’m a wife, mama bear to three (Connor,Olive, and Memphis), constant diy-r, starbucks addict, target obsessed, and a total Netflix binge watcher.

I love watching all of my families grow and being apart of so many memories.

During our session, my goal is for you not to even feel you like you’re at a photoshoot. I want this to be an experience you and your family will have fun doing year after year.

Fill out my contact form, tell me your idea’s, and let’s have some fun!